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Upcoming Events

Fri Mar 06 @ 8:15AM - 11:30AM
11:30 dismissal
Fri Mar 06 @ 9:00AM - 10:00AM
9:00 Mass prepared by Gr. 3
Fri Mar 06 @12:00PM - 03:00PM
Parent-Teacher Conferences
Sat Mar 07 @ 9:00AM - 10:30AM
Market Day
Wed Mar 11 @ 7:00PM - 08:00PM
Parents Club - Ryan Hall
The focus of the Preschool/Prekindergarten program is to provide experiences that meet the children’s individual needs and stimulate learning in all developmental areas- physical, social, emotional, and intellectual. Interactions and activities will be designed to foster the self-esteem of the child and to develop positive feelings toward learning.

The children will be engaged in a developmentally appropriate curriculum that meets Illinois state standards. Within this curriculum children will work individually, in small groups and in large group settings. Children will be engaged in a variety of learning experiences such as dramatic play, block play, science and math experiences, puzzles, books, art, music and much more.


An integral part of our Catholic education is the teaching of our Catholic faith. Prayers and a love of Jesus developed through Bible stories are an important part of our program. The children participate in many of the all-school religion activities planned throughout the year. Lastly, our children thrive and learn in an atmosphere where Catholic values are visible, proclaimed and become part of their everyday lives.

Preschool and Pre-kindergarten students also participate in special activities such as computer education, physical education, and music. The classes are taught by specialty teachers in these areas on a weekly basis.