St. Eugene’s Technology Committee

Technology is rapidly evolving and growing; in fact, it is hard to remember what life was like before the iPhone (launched in 2007). As we look to the future, the utilization of technology will continue to disrupt entire industries and provide the catalyst for profound change in every aspect of our lives. 

In the past, this change was most evident in the business world as technology was leveraged to drive global growth. However, new technology utilization is rapidly spreading beyond corporations and we now see adoption in other areas – Including Education

To proactively manage this transformation, we established the St. Eugene’s Technology Committee to drive the adoption and utilization of Technology to ensure that our students participate and excel in this important evolution.     

Listed below please find the committee’s mission statement and recent key accomplishments

Mission statement for the St. Eugene Technology Committee

Guide the organization to deliver best in class utilization of technology to enhance the learning experience providing our students a competitive advantage

Key Recent Accomplishments

  • Established a key relationship with an executive in Apple’s education division to guide us and provide vision into the future utilization of technology in an educational environment
  • Purchased and deployed two 30 unit iPad carts for targeted class utilization
  • Re-equipped the Computer Lab with over 30 updated computers
  • Set up the “PowerSchool” system allowing parents to view grades on-line
  • Updated and installed Wireless capability throughout the building
  • Installed a new Server and Software to drive computers in the computer
  • lab and in the classrooms
  • Acquired and installed numerous Smart Boards and Projector/Screen Systems in classrooms