St. Eugene Alumni Spotlight Bio: Lindsay Fuhs

My name is: Lindsay Fuhs-Lenard

I graduated from St. Eugene in 2005

I attended Resurrection College Preparatory High School

I graduated high school in 2009

I attend The American Academy of Art. I received my undergraduate degree in Illustration. I went on to graduate school at The Chicago Portfolio School to receive a certificate in Digital Design.

Some of my accomplishments include:

My accomplishments in life so far have come from following my passions. After portfolio school, I started my design trek working in advertising. One of my favorite project I worked on was an illustrated product finder for OFF! Bug Spray—which the client considered it to be their favorite part of their new website launch. I had the opportunity to work on other big name clients such as Ziploc, Pearle Vision, Stella Artois, Hagger, Cox, Huggies and Neutrogena.

 My biggest accomplishment to this date was choosing to go full-time freelance working remotely on the road with my business partner and life partner. My husband Christopher and I have our own freelance graphic design and development business in addition to a travel blog! We just got married this year in January. Instead of having a big wedding we opted to have a small wedding and big honeymoon. We’re on what we’re calling the, “World’s Longest Honeymoon.” We sold all of our belongings and left Chicago for the world!

St. Eugene has given me/taught me:  St. Eugene taught me valuable life lesson every kid should be taught from the golden rule, to being on time, to working hard for what you want.

St. Eugene has also given me friendships that will last a lifetime in addition to incredible memories. I appreciate all that St. Eugene does with their Alumni weekends to keep everyone in touch. The school feels more than just a school or community—it feels like family.