St. Eugene Alumni Spotlight Bio

My name is Tess LoGiudice.

I graduated from St. Eugene in 2016.

I currently attend Fenwick High school and will graduate in 2020.

My goal is either to attend Michigan University or Auburn University and play softball.

I was very involved at St. Eugene’s.  Some of my accomplishments while attending St. Eugene’s was being involved in the sports program, student council, doing service projects like Feed my Starving children and Young at Heart, helping in the Religious Education Program, and helping during Alumni Weekend with Mr. Adamo. In 8th grade, I was Student Council President. I enjoyed being the voice for my fellow classmates. I was the recipient of the American Legion Award and the Presidential Award.  I participated in the Basketball Allstar Game and the Alumni Games.

In my first year attending Fenwick, I received 1st honors. I am also a member of the Italian club, Fashion Club and became a Eucharistic Minister. I continued playing sports at Fenwick -  volleyball, basketball and softball.

My years at St. Eugene’s gave me the direction of my character. It taught me respect, responsibility and to never give up. It has also given me a surplus of knowledge that I have used to apply at Fenwick. From writing a paper, to understanding a foreign language and knowing the difference between mean, mode and median, all of this came from being a Viking.  I will never forget what the teachers at St. Eugene’s have taught me and how they prepared me. I am truly grateful for them and all their dedication. They provided me with the foundation to succeed not only while I am in high school but also for life.

But, what stands out the most at St. Eugene is the religious education I received.  This has provided me the tools needed to continue the values of faith, morality and understanding. It began in pre-school at St. Eugene’s and has continued to today.  My faith has been my guide. I also helped in the religious Ed. Program for years and it too helped strengthen me as a member of the church. I continue that and attend a catholic High School which led me to become a Eucharistic Minister. I chose to become a minister because I felt that I needed to continue my faith, stay active in the church and to show my commitment to God through my actions.  I am so thankful and commend my parents for giving me a Catholic Education and letting me continuing it. I salute my teachers at St. Eugene's for providing me the foundation in academics and in my religious beliefs.  I have a wonderful future and so many options thanks to everyone at St. Eugene’s.