Spanish Language Programs

A Spanish language program is available for students Pre-School to Grade 6. The goal is to have student use basic conversational skills in Spanish. Students are also exposed to culture and traditions of Spanish speaking nations.

Physical Education Program

The physical education program is taught from Pre-school through 8th grade. Key components of the physical education program include:  basic skills of throwing and catching, loco motor movements, fitness and cooperative games for all ages, along with units in basketball and volleyball for students in grades 4-8.

The program also strives to teach and promote fairness, respect, sportsmanship, and cooperation for all of our students.

State and national standards in P. E. are used throughout the year to develop and design the physical education program.

Computer Program

St. Eugene's Computer Lab is home to 30 updated desktop computers. Computer classes are given to students from Pre-School to Grade 8 and the computers are available to students and classes during open lab time.

Various skills are taught, including but not limited to: Keyboarding, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher. Several Web 2.0 tools are also taught.

All students also develop research and navigation skills on a daily basis. The older students also develop business skills. Cross curricular integration takes place in all academic areas.

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Mathematics Program

St. Eugene's Math Program has students learning basic math skills from Pre-School to Grade 6. In 7th Grade students learn Pre-Algebra to help their transition into Algebra in 8th Grade.

Student are exposed to many technological tools including the usage of TI-83 scientific calculators and a SmartBoard; both of which are used in class frequently.

Students also compete in various local math competitions throughout the year including: Resurrection High School, Trinity High School, Notre Dame, Guerin Prep, and St. Patrick's High School.

Learning Resources


Art Program

The art program at St. Eugene's is taught from Kindergarten to Grade 8. Each grade is presented with units in drawing, painting, three dimensional art, and mixed media. Concepts, elements and/or principles of art and design are included in all student projects. Many of our student projects have won area competitions.

All units and projects meet Archdiocese and state standards, goals, and objectives. Units and projects are introduced with examples of master works and art history at a level that is appropriate for the student's grade level. Supplies and materials are included in tuition costs.

Music Program

The overall objective of the general music program at St. Eugene is to guide, inspire, and assist student in their understanding and appreciation of music in all its forms. 

Using cooperative and group skills, we strive to bring students to higher level of musicianship and understanding of the music that they will be singing, playing, creating, listening to, and studying.

The environment created in the music room focuses on the well-being of the students and putting their educational needs and learning styles at the forefront of our curriculum and activities. We foster an atmosphere of open-mindedness, musicality, and multicultural awareness. This type of environment lends itself to an all-embracing and well-rounded music education.

Our well-kept facilities and innovative musical equipment contribute to the overall experience of each student in the music classroom.