Saint Eugene Mission Statement

St. Eugene School is an extension of St. Eugene Catholic Parish.  It shares with the family the educational mission of the Church based upon the Gospel message.  A cooperative relationship exists among the school, church, family, and community members in a caring environment founded upon mutual respect. St. Eugene School is dedicated to maintaining educational excellence and promotes the growth of each individual.

St. Eugene Philosophy Statement

St. Eugene School is a Catholic community which promotes the growth of its members in a spirit of dedication and love based upon the Gospel message. The faculty, students and parents join their parish priests and fellow parishioners to form this community in which people are bound together in mutual faith, responsibility and cooperation.

Recognizing its role as part of the Church's ministry, St. Eugene School

  • instills within the students an understanding and appreciation of Scripture so that traditional Gospel values are applicable to the daily lives of children.

  • provide an environment that meets the spiritual, intellectual, moral, emotional, and physical needs of its students, so they will be prepared to assume their share of responsibility and service in the local church, community, and world.

  • acknowledges parents as primary educators and seek to foster a climate of cooperation between the school and the home.

  • incorporates current trends in education, including assessment and technology, into the curriculum.

  • develops the unique talents and respects the dignity of each child in an effort to strengthen the positive self-image of each child.