St. Eugene School Advisory Committee

SAC is a committed group of parents that gets involved not only for the sake of our kids but for the benefit of the entire school and its community. We are organized in a way so that not too much is placed on one person, and we really believe that “Many hands make light work.” To achieve that philosophy we have the following committees in place to spread out the work to accomplish our goals:

  • Development Committee- The development committee successfully raised $50,000.00 in 2015 for the school through the success of the Trot ‘n Treat 5K and the Spring Fundraiser.
  • Marketing Committee- The marketing committee has worked very hard in coordination with our teachers to develop new marketing material that will be given out to prospective parents that visit our school. The material really does a fantastic job emphasizing our school’s mission and all that we have to offer.
  • Finance Committee- Our finance committee works side by side with the parish finance committee to figure out ways to keep our tuition as low as possible while still offering an excellent, well-rounded education. Also, thanks to our parish subsidy of $250,000.00, we have the lowest tuition of all of the Catholic schools in our area.
  • Public Relations Committee-Our public relations committee works hard to highlight special focus points throughout our school by publishing the Viking Press.  We think that our school is pretty awesome and want to showcase various parts of it.
  • Little Vikings- A new program this year that is geared towards early childhood education and socialization of our little tots; it’s a great way for parents to come to our school and learn more about St. Eugene as well as interact with new parents.
  • St. Joseph’s Table- A time honored tradition here at St. Eugene that celebrates St. Joseph, the patron of workers and the protector of the family.
  • Alumni Committee- SAC members are frequently reaching out to our graduates to let them know of any upcoming fundraisers/activities that their alma mater is doing so that they can participate or support the school.
  • 8th Grade Scholarships
  • Catholic Schools Teacher Appreciation Breakfast
  • May National Teacher Appreciation Luncheon and Gifts
  • Parent Appreciation Night Out

Now that you know more about what SAC does, we hope that you’ll consider
being a part of the School Advisory Committee. We always welcome new people
and new ideas!